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Session, 4/5/07

excerpt 2
from Benito Cereno 3" CD-R

Upcoming Events

Feb. 21st, 2008
@ the Gershman Y
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Past Events

Jan 14, 2008
@ Knitting Factory, NYC

Sept 28, 2007
@ Eckhaus, Kutztown, PA

June 30, 2007
@ UCAL, Philly

April 9, 2007
@ Circle of Hope, Philly


Happily, Benito Cereno (Tim Albro/guitar, radios, electronics; Ian Fraser/laptop, tapes, radios and electronics; Dustin Hurt/trumpet; Jesse Kudler/guitar, electronics, synthesizer, radio, and tapes; and Chandan Narayan/autoharp) were far more enjoyable, especially their first piece, a relaxed, confident exploration that did a fine job filling the small room with gritty richness and detail. Good young players from whom I'm always eager to hear more. ~Brian Olewnick

Benito Cereno
is Tim Albro (guitar, radios, electronics), Ian Fraser (laptop, tapes, radios and electronics), Dustin Hurt (trumpet), Jesse Kudler (guitar, electronics, synthesizer, radio, and tapes), and Chandan Narayan (autoharp). Benito Cereno began as an attempt to move beyond typical duo and trio improvising logics and "dialogical" improvising conventions into a space where a relatively large number of acoustic, electro-acoustic, and electronic instruments could function together towards a massed group sound. The quintet is now looking towards personalized compositions as a means to further explore sound arrangement. In fitting with its instrumentation, spread along the spectrum of fully acoustic to fully electronic, Benito Cereno's sound includes warm acoustic tones, austere sine waves, and rough-and-tumble blasts of noise.

The name "Benito Cereno" refers to a short work by Herman Melville, an author who shares a last name with the street on which the five usually play.