September 24th

The Marvelous 5 year Anniversary
Wow! That's a whole lot of pedals:
A night with Mincemeat or Tenspeed's stuff
@ the Marvelous
208 S. 40th Street
8pm; FREE

When you get down to it, the whole project is basically one big orchestrated fuck-up. It’s about accidents… - Davey Harms on Mincemeat or Tenspeed.

Come one. Come all.  It’s time to lay out your accident-prone self in front of the masses for the purposes of celebratory jubilation in honor of the Marvelous’ 5th. And since that's the place that Bowerbird got it's start, we thought we thought we'd do something extra special. Think of it as a pin the tail on the donkey for techno noise geeks.  You’ll get a chance to play Davey’s unpatented “no synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, drum machines, crazy computer programs, or musical instruments” maze of pedals.  You think you can do it better?  Cool. Let’s hear it.  You think you can’t do it at all?  Even better. 

Join us for an evening of completely unpredictable fun with special guests, local celebrities, and maybe even you, jamming out, in sublime and hopefully ludicrous musical configurations, all in good fun.  Wanna throw down?  Bring bribes and gifts to the Marvelous at 8pm sharp, or plead your case to: iwannamincemeat [at] bowerbird [dot] org. 

In the meantime, you can practice here:

Click the picture or go click here:

Check out Mincemeat or Tenspeed's myspace page here:

Review of Mincemeat or Tenspeed's All Critters from Animal Psi:

No synthesizers, sequencers, samplers, drum machines, computers, or musical instruments" are present in the mad science of Dave Harms, heretofore known as Mincemeat or Tenspeed. The four songs of the one-man debut entitled 'All Critters' are composed strictly of feedback from guitar effects pedals chained to a mixer, a deadly feedback loop which magnifies the flaws of this consumptive technology as it produces its own pearls through so much dirt of imperfection. With the fixed-gear industry of the quasi-mechanic Hangedup, opening salvo "End Time" presses forth with impeccable geometry, at first a deceptively guitar-like picking noise skronks a simple melody with maximum gain, increasingly diffuse with distortion and the accumulating filth of sound until it disappears into a cloud of sharp static. Clearly the Mincemeat of Tenspeed setup corrupts through multiplication, but in this stultified musical environment – giving us everything/nothing – this brutal formula may sustain as long as the medium. The brassy bass of a modulating croak laps like a tide through "Accident Prone", a droning sizzle high behind it, then into a leading tone with an impressive display of control over this impossible material, a wrangling of free-radical sounds on par with the creative peaks of Black Dice. Following an extensive track of maximalist noise mashed into electronic grids of near dance-ability, title track and finale "All Critters" enters on an elongated flutter of oscillating tones, and like the opening piece, bursts forth with less constrained enthusiasm marred with hot white static and an exhaust of excessive notes like a sizzling sea through which emerges beaty bubbles and the sharp shrieks of a would-be bagpipe shredding over the crest of the welter. In light of the man's methodology, the precision and detail of these creations (would "composition" be fair?) raise complimentary questions of validity and brilliance, as easy there is something missing in the explanation or this guy is just really fucking good at making something out of nothing.

Miss the show?

Check back here for a post show wrap up including pictures and audio.


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