October 23rd

bowerbird a|v night
Film, video, sculptures, and live performances by Vivian Caccuri, Gabriel Stuart, Brian McComber, Michael Barron, John Heron, J Makary, and Alex Tyson.
@ Avant Gentlemen's Lodge
4028 Filbert Street
(enter through gate)
Philadelphia, PA
8pm, FREE

AUGMENTED MAKE-UP (world premier) Vivian Caccuri (Sao Paulo, Brazil) 

Using custom amplified make-up tools and hand-coded processing software, the artist renders live "make-overs" on 2 participants that linearly build a sound composition.

SCULPTURAL AUDIO PERFORMANCE Brian McComber (dirty projectors)
percussion, electronics + special guests

This would be the first live performance of the series Modern Drummers, which pairs two skilled drummers who have never met each other (or played together) to "meet" each other through a sound dialogue.

NEW VIDEO TAPES Gabriel Stuart (New York)
Analog video pieces using an on-camera editing technique with live score

I WANNA KISS MYSELF J Makary (Philadelphia)
A 'dance on film' piece by local choreographer and film editor

Alex Tyson with Vivian Caccuri

An exhibition video document that explores Vivian's installation piece (Cançoes Submersas), which used the movements of four carp fish to modify user-inputed audio (iPods, mp3 players).


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