March 8th

@ Vox Populi
319 N. 11th Street
Third Floor
Philadelphia, PA
8pm. $5 - $10

One of two exceptional improvisers based in Easton, PA, master percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani (the other is saxophonist Jack Wright), will make his first solo appearance on Bowerbird. Highly physical and inventive in his approach, Nakatani's music twists between the explosive and the serene. For this performance, the final performance of a three-month long national tour, Nakatani will be augmenting his already large arrayof percussion with three enormous gongs.

Focused on dynamic textures and improvised structures, and armed with an arsenal of selected percussion, mechanical parts, cheap consumer devices, a no-name electric guitar, hand-held cassette recorders, radios and transmitters, various small junk, and electronics, the first-time duo of New Yorker Richard Kamerman and Philadelphian Jesse Kudler, is a prime example of the innovative re-purposing of objects and instruments currently ongoing in today's experimental music. 

Morally gray is the duo of Marc Zajack (Antler Piss / Deep Fried Tapes) and Mat Rademan (Newton / Breathmint Records).  The two have a strict cassette only policy where no additional effects are used. Through various methods of tape manipulation such as home made tape loops, modified players, various recording techniques and so on, the two are on a mission to mangle. At times subject matter plays an important role in what they decide to utilize as a initial source of which to extract from. These ideals and techniques lead to never ending possibilities within their sound. For this performance they are choosing to focus on bird sounds, specifically those indigenous of Florida.

solo percussion

Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion) is originally from Osaka, Japan. In 2006 he performed in 80 cities in 7 countries and collaborated with 163 artists worldwide. In the past 10 years he has released nearly 50 recordings on CD. He has created his own instrumentation, effectively inventing many instruments and extended techniques. He utilizes drumset, bowed gongs, cymbals, singing bowls, metal objects, bells, and various sticks and bows to create an intense, organic music that defies category or genre. His music is based in improvised/ experimental music, jazz, free jazz, rock, and noise, yet retains the sense of space and beauty found in traditional Japanese folk music. In addition to live solo and ensemble performances he works as a sound designer for film and television. He also teaches Masterclasses and Workshops at the University level. He also heads H&H Production, an independent record label and recording studio based in Easton, Pennsylvania. He was selected as a performing artist for the Pennsylvania Performing Artist on Tour (PennPat) roster as well as a Bronx Arts Council Individual Artist grant

JESSE KUDLER - guitar, electronics
RICHARD KAMERMAN - electronics

Jesse Kudler, born 1979, improvises on cheap consumer devices: a no-name electric guitar, hand-held cassette recorders, radios and transmitters, various small junk, and pedals/electronics. He uses a computer to assemble his recorded music. Kudler attended public school until Wesleyan University, where he studied music with Ron Kuivila, Alvin Lucier, and a little bit with Anthony Braxton, among others. In his various travels, Kudler has performed with Matt Bauder, Kyle Bruckmann, Gene Coleman, James Coleman, Tim Feeney, Marcos Fernandes, Margarida Garcia, Brent Gutzeit, Horse Sinister, Bonnie Jones, Newton, Pauline Oliveros, Bhob Rainey, Vic Rawlings, Christine Sehnaoui, Mike Shiflet, Jason Soliday, Howard Stelzer, Barry Weisblat, Ellen Weller, Matt Weston, Jack Wright, Jason Zeh, and many others. He has toured the United States several times. Jesse Kudler lives in Philadelphia. Current projects include: Benito Cereno (with Dustin Hurt, Chandan Narayan, Tim Albro, and Ian Fraser); HZL, an electronics duo with Tim Albro; Tweeter, a treble-intensive noise trio with Alex Nagle and Eli Litwin; solo performance and recording; and various ad hoc groupings.

The music of New York based percussionist and electrician, Richard Kamerman, is devoted to a very subjective perception of liminal beauty. Rarely performing behind a drum kit, he prefers to explore the percussive behaviors of re-purposed electronics, ranging from computer circuit boards to a system of found mechanical parts - fans, motors, etc - that he has been developing since mid 2006. Room acoustics, microphone/pickup placement, and amplification are all very important to his construction of sound. Ongoing projects include Delicate Sen (percussion+electronics with Anne Guthrie, french horn, and Billy Gomberg, synthesizer/laptop); Caledonian Laughing Bags (multi-instrumental naive folk noise with Robert Hardin, Bob Lukomski, Jeremy Slater, and Khristian Weeks); and Tandem Electrics (amplified laptop circuits with programmer Reed Evan Rosenberg). Other past and present collaborators include Kieran Daly, Ricky Laska, Jordan Paul, Bonnie Jones, Bryan Eubanks, Andrew Lafkas, Jonathan Zorn, Gill Arno, Gust Burns, Gregory Reynolds, Juan Pablo Carletti, Jeremiah Cymerman, Dave Barnes, David Kirby, Nicholas Szczepanik, and Steven Flato. Recent experiments in creating objectively awful music without even trying have resulted in Other Vultures, a bourbon-driven duo of taiko drums and distorted vocals with Billy Gomberg.


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