October 23rd

A seven part sampling of uncategorizable acts of creativity.
@ Plays and Players
1714 Delancy Street
9pm; $5- $10 sliding scale

For over three years Bowerbird has stood under the banner of "experimental" and championed the multitude of perspectives that umbrella encompasses.  OVER-NITE SENSATION offers a unique opportunity, for the seasoned and the uninitiated alike, to sample a broad array of artistic inclinations, all in one night.  Artists from Philadelphia and far beyond will beguile the audience with free jazz, electro-acoustic improvisation, free improv, inter-media video and sound works, dance, euphoric drones, and psychedelic compositions. 

1. Damon Smith - solo bass; not jazz, not not jazz; west coast style, maybe a bit upside down.
2. Phill Sheldon - unresolved investigations at the edge of Fluxus, not a little bit Yoko Ono.
3. Ian Fraser - electronic array I: analog electronic circuits, laptop, tapes, radio, etc.
4. Mike Szekely (drums), Matt Engle (bass), Matt Mitchell (keyboards/electronics); Jack Wright (saxophones) - also not jazz, not not jazz.
5. Travis Woodson - solo guitar;
6. Scott Allison - electronic array II: analog electronic circuits, laptop, tapes, radio, etc.
7. Mikronesia

(order subject to change and further obfuscation)

Important notes: Note 9pm start time. Set durations will be generally between 10 - 15 minutes, making for a quicker, but not exhausting parade of performances.  Quig's Pub, the Plays and Players on-premise speakeasy, will be offering adult beverages and other libations throughout the night.  Revelry will abound.


Plays and Players Theater
1714 Delancy Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Plays and Players began in 1911 at the Art Alliance as a social club devoted to expanding and developing new theater experiences for and by its membership. Primarily, members commissioned works to be written and performed for charitable purposes. The first President, Maud Durbin Skinner, was the wife of the famed American actor, Otis Skinner, who performed upon the Delancey Street stage during its early history. Many other theatrical greats have acted here over the years including the Barrymores, John Drew, and Kevin Bacon. Plays and Players is very likely the community theater on which Philadelphia playwright George Kelly based his slapstick comedy “The Torch Bearers”. It is also the theater where the acclaimed Broadway play, “Stalag 17”, premiered.

In the 1960's, Plays and Players decided to "go public" and opened its productions to the entire community. In the 70's the Plays and Players Children's Theater was added to the busy schedule. Once an exclusive club, Plays & Players grew into a company in which local artists young and old practiced and performed their craft. In 2011-2012, Plays & Players will celebrate its 100th season of local and community focused performance in Philadelphia. A historic company existing in a vibrant modern arts scene, Plays & Players continues to change and grow with the times, all the while keeping an eye on its rich and powerful past.


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