June 10th

Peter Evans - Weasel Walter - Tom Blancarte Trio

@ The Powel House Museum
244 S. Third Street
8pm; $10

Northern Invasion
Three of New York's most unrelenting and exciting post-free jazz musicians converge on the historic Powel house for what will certainly be one of the most memorable, if intense, nights of your life.

Trumpeter Peter Evans is known for his super virtuosic cavalcade of furious blowing, madcap bebopping and nonstop circular breathing. He has an amazing list of collaborators, including: Mary Halvorson, Steve Beresford, Okkyung Lee, Keiji Haino, Jim Black, Evan Parker, Tyshawn Sorey, Peter Brotzmann, and many more. Peter also performs contemporary new music as a member of the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE).

Weasel Walter is probably best known for his years leading The Flying Luttenbachers but was extremely active (but underdocumented) in the Chicago new music scene between 1990-2002 and the Bay Area scene 2005-2009, before relocating to New York City to join the band Behold... The Arctopus. Walter has collaborated with artists like Evan Parker, John Butcher, Marshall Allen, Mary Halvorson, Henry Kaiser, Damon Smith, Joe Morris, Jim O’Rourke, Tom Smith in To Live and Shave in L.A., and Ken Vandermark as well as many influential underground rock bands including Lair of the Minotaur, Bobby Conn, U.S. Maple, Cock E.S.P., Curse of the Birthmark, the Scissor Girls, Erase Errata, The Chicago Sound, Harry Pussy, Quintron, Sharon Cheslow, and Cheer-Accident.

Tom Blancarte is probably one of the few bassists on the planet the can hang with Peter and Walter in this context - his most active groups being the hyperactive duo Sparks with Peter Evans, Brandon Seabrook's Seabrook Power Plant, and the trio Totem with guitarist Bruce Eisenbeil and drummer Andrew Drury.

Weasel Walter photo by Peter Gannushkin. Peter Evans by Brian Murray. Tom Blancarte by Miss Hecker.

Peter Evans:
Weasel Walter:
Tom Blancarte:

Powel House Museum
244 South 3rd Street
Philadelphia, PA

bowerbird@LANDMARKS is an ongoing curatorial partnership that expands cultural offerings in Philadelphia by bringing experimental and improvisational music, film, dance and other creative, genre-defying performing arts to historic sites in the region.

Showcasing the newest performing arts is nothing new for Landmarks' four historic, 18th century houses---Grumblethorpe, Physick House, Powel House and Waynesborough. These houses would often have been the locations for recitals of the most "fashionable" music of their time. Powel House which was the one of the most significant cultural and social centers of colonial and revolutionary Philadelphia. Events in the bowerbird@LANDMARKS series revive this long-lost tradition of intimate concerts, and provide an intelligent alternative for contemporary audiences.

What can you expect if you attend a bowerbird@LANDMARKS performance? You can expect to hear some of the most innovative, avant-garde music being produced by local, national and international artists. You can expect to be challenged to expand your definitions of music, and to leave behind your preconceptions. Each performance will involve some risk-taking by both the performer and the audience member, but if you come with an open mind, and we promise to provide you with a uniquely stimulating experience.


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