March 21st


Free Pre-Show Lecture
6:00pm; FREE

Perelman Theater
@ The Kimmel Center
260 South Broad Street

7:30pm; $25-$40

Encounter Japan's theater form developed and preserved since the 14th century. Kyoto's Kashu-juku Noh Theater, led by Katayama Shingo of the prestigious Katayama Noh family, is joined by kyogen actors from the Shigeyama family in providing this rare opportunity for American audiences to experience the 600-year-old tradition of noh and kyogen performed back-to-back, accompanied by live music.

The program includes:
Performed in Japanese with English subtitles.

MAI-BAYASHI: Literally meaning 'dance & music,' a mai-bayashi is a solo dance depicting the climax of a famous noh play. This program features the ferocious battle scene from Yashima.

KYOGEN: Boshibari (Tied to a Pole) Tied up by their master, two servants are thwarted in drinking his sake. How will the two rascals get a hold of their beloved beverage again?

NOH: Aoi no Ue (Lady Aoi) In this famous adaptation of a story from the classic novel The Tale of Genji, the jealous Lady Rokujo -- who had sent a spirit to possess Genji's wife, Aoi -- is confronted in combat by a Buddhist monk intent on saving her soul.

FREE Pre-Show Lecture by Professor Linda Chance
6pm | Merck Arts Education Center

Join us for a free pre-show lecture given by Linda Chance, Professor of Japanese Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. As part of Penn's faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Professor Chance teaches classical Japanese language and literature, while assisting in promotion of and instruction in modern Japanese language. Professor Chance will give audiences a chance to hear more about Japanese culture and the history of Noh theater.

The 2011 North America Kashu-juku Noh Theater Tour is organized and produced by Japan Society, New York and supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan. The regional tour of Kashu-juku is made possible by a grant from Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.


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