September 21st

DAVE SMOLEN / hair_loss

Vox Populi
319 N 11th St, 3rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA
8:00pm; $10

Masters of sonic dimension: Analog synth legend Thomas Lehn (Germany) joins spatial saxophone guru John Butcher (UK) in a rare Philadelphia performance, while Philadelphia’s live hardware pulse (de)constructors, Dave Smolen / hair_loss, fresh off their self titled split LP, open the night – all at the new Vox Populi performance space.

THOMAS LEHN was born in Fröndenberg, Germany in 1958. He studied recording engineering and piano at the Music Academy of Detmold, classical piano at the Music Academy of Cologne, and jazz piano with Frank Wunsch and Francis Coppieters. In the 1980s he took part on courses of Studio for pianistic interpretation held by Prof. Jürgen Uhde. Since that time he has been active as a performer of both contemporary music and classical piano repertoire.

For the past twenty years, his major and widely known work has been performing and producing live-electronic music. Rooted in the experience of a wide spectrum of musical fields and based on his background as a pianist, he has developed an individual ‘language’ of electronic music.

The electronic equipment he uses consists of analogue synthesizers from the late 1960s, particularly the EMS Synthi A. The specific character of this modular instrument allows him to spontaneously act and react in close contact with the various structural degrees of the musical process.

JOHN BUTCHER was born in Brighton, England and has lived in London since the late 1970s. His music ranges through improvisation, his own compositions, multitracked pieces and explorations with feedback and extreme acoustics. He has toured and broadcast in Europe, Japan, Australia and North America, and was featured, playing solo, in the BBC TV programme Date with an Artist.

Compositions include pieces for Chris Burn’s Ensemble, reconstructed Futurist Intonarumori, the Austrian group Polwechsel, the Australian ensemble Elision, the American Rova Saxophone Quartet, and “somethingtobesaid” for the John Butcher Group.

Originally a physicist, he published his Ph.D, “Spin effects in the production and weak decay of heavy Quarks”, in 1982 and promptly left academia for music. He has since collaborated with hundreds of musicians, mostly involved with improvisation - including Derek Bailey, John Stevens, Gerry Hemingway, Polwechsel, Gino Robair, Rhodri Davies, Radu Malfatti, John Edwards, Toshimaru Nakamura, Eddie Prevost, Paul Lovens, Christian Marclay, John Russell, Andy Moor, Phil Minton and Steve Beresford.


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