October 19th

KALISHNIKOV (Jamie Saft / Mike Pride)
EARTHEATER (Eli Litwin, Eric Slick, Travis Woodson)

Bowerbird Presents GATE
@ The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
8pm; FREE

Kalashnikov is Jamie Saft (keyboards, bass) and Mike Pride (drums, percussion, vocals)- a rhythmic onslaught of epic proportions. Saft's brutal bass and doom keyboard sonics pummel alongside Pride's death drum and vocal assault. Kalashnikov's debut release "Bang Bang" arrived on Veal Records in spring 2008, the 14 hour epic, free download “1-666-CALL-SAAD” arrived in 2011. Individually they've been featured with Bad Brains, the Beastie Boys, the B-52's, Boredoms, Punk-Rock legends MDC (Millions of Dead Cops), John Zorn, Eugene Chadbourne, Anthony Braxton, Sony Simmons, Nels Cline, George Lewis, and Laurie Anderson. Collectively they are the anchor for Whoopie Pie (w/ Bill McHenry), Angel OV Death (w/ Andrew D’Angelo), and The Spanish Donkey (w/ Joe Morris).

Eartheater is a freely improvising trio that aims to create a spacious and dense sound worthy of its name. The group consists of three versatile, experienced musicians by the names of Eli Litwin, Eric Slick, and Travis Woodson. Eli Litwin released a freely improvised, extreme metal solo album called Intensus (Metal Blade Records) in 2011. He has also played in Normal Love, Inzinzac, Knife the Glitter and Gun Muffs, among others. Eric Slick began his career drumming for the Adrian Belew Power Trio. He has also performed with Ike Willis, Jon Anderson (Yes), Ween, John Wetton (King Crimson), Gary Lucas (Captain Beefheart), and Project/Object, among many others. He is currently the drummer of Dr. Dog. Travis Woodson is a budding composer, improviser, multi-instrumentalist that has played with Make a Rising, Live Like A King, Split Red, Electric Simcha and various others. He recently composed and arranged music for three guitars.

Based in West Philadelphia, Tristan Dahn improvises on a wide range of instruments. Employing both standard instruments like guitar and piano, as well as more adventurous instruments (among them guzheng and shruti box), Dahn creates atmospheric soundscapes that are simultaneously abstract and highly narrative. His compositions (often Terry Riley-esque minimalist drone) stretch themselves out over time, with Dahn giving them ample room to loom and fall.

The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

The Rotunda is a West Philadelphia community-gathering place that is fueled by the belief that art is a catalyst for social change and that the arts can lead to the formation of meaningful partnerships between the University of Pennsylvania and surrounding neighborhoods. Over 300 events are offered every year, including live music, film, spoken word, theater, art, dance, education, youth programs, arts incubation, and various experimental genres. As an alcohol-free, smoke-free venue, The Rotunda provides a critical social alternative for all ages. At its core, The Rotunda is a shared space fostering learning, enrichment, and community support while empowering the public to present, produce, and promote their work.


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