September 12th


Sonic Liberation 8 with
Kùlú Mèlé Dance Company
The Prometheus Chamber Orchestra
Moor Mother Goddess
Mayita Angarica with Baba Rumba
Hubbard & Son, Video Artists

@ Venice Island Performing Arts & Recreation Center (Manayunk)
1 Rector St, Philadelphia PA 19127

7pm; $15 General, $12 Students / Artists

Bowerbird is excited to kick off its Fall 2015 season with The Dream Book, an expansive work of music, dance, and video led by Kevin Diehl's Sonic Liberation 8. Sparked by a curiosity of hoodoo gambling magic, this collaborative work lists objects and situations found in dreams with interpretations and lucky numbers for playing Policy, an illegal and now obsolete, "numbers" game for gamblers. Sonic Liberation 8's The Dream Book is an interdisciplinary performance bringing together diverse performance companies of Philadelphia in a unique evening of music, dance and visual arts - modern and traditional forms intersect with: a loft & Lucumi chamber-jazz octet, the Afro-Cuban dance troupe Kùlú Mèlé Dance Company, The Prometheus Chamber Orchestra, the post-punk/post-hip hop soundscape poetess Moor Mother Goddess, Mayita Angarcica with Baba Rumba. Video artists Hubbard & Son present short surreal video whose format unfolds like a series of dreams identifying each of the 8 segments and advancing the performance narrative. Each segment's theme uses its corresponding Dream Book number and its related Orisha (Yoruban Diety).

The concert has been made possible with support from Philadelphia Jazz Project, a sponsored project of the Painte Bride Art Center, with funding provided by The Wyncote Foundation.

Sonic Liberation 8 (Front) blends the repertory music of Santeria with New Thing sensibility to achieve an organic and symbiotic whole. Under the leadership of Kevin Diehl, SLF has shared billing, recorded with and have collaborated with the Sun Ra Arkestra, Marshall Allen and Odean Pope, Billy Bang & Kahil El Zabar, Sunny Murray, Michelle Rosewoman, Ideal Bread, Chicago Underground Duo, Extra Golden, Thurman Barker, & Chad Taylor. They have toured festivals throughout North America. They have consistently won international critical acclaim and "best of" lists for their five internationally- distributed albums. Kevin Diehl - bata & drumkit, Matt Engle - bass, Veronic Jurkiewicz - viola, Elliot Levin - woodwinds, Mike Watson - bass clarinet, Tom Lowery - perc. & drumkit, Ron Howerton - bata & perc., Nichola Rivera - bata & perc.

Prometheus Chamber Orchestra is a self-conducted and self-managed orchestra in residence at the historic Church of the Advocate in North Philadelphia. Comprised of 18 musicians, Prometheus seeks to use the self-conducted orchestra to change the way audiences experience orchestra concerts, the relationship of the orchestra to the community, and the way musicians perceive concert programming and artistic responsibility.

Kùlú Mèlé Dance Company - Founded in 1969 by Baba Robert Crowder, Kùlú Mèlé preserves and presents African dance traditions rooted in the cultures and aesthetic values of the African Diaspora. The company has been led by Artistic Director Dorothy Wilkie for more than 20 years. Its repertoire draws upon the music and movement forms of Brazil, Haiti, Cuba, Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, and the Senegambia region, as well as African-American vernacular traditions. Performances and workshops actively engage audiences and convey the significance of the dances in the societies from which they are derived. For many in the audience, a Kùlú Mèlé performance strengthens the sense of cultural identity; for others, it offers a look at the rich traditions and heritage of Africa.

Moor Mother Goddess mixes artful Afro-futurism with a heavy dose of the here and now. MMGz songs are often named for and exalting the memory of influential Black women: Marian Anderson, Ruby Dee, Maya Angelou and more. MMGz's lo-fi/homemade sound pulls equally from hip-hop, punk, noise, blues and free jazz. Ragged, clattering beats rub up against spiraling samples that thrust in and out of the mix. An indigenous African understanding of time and space is central to the MMGz aesthetic. The past is presented as a living thing, the future is a place where death is transcended and our ancestors possess the spiritual power to affect contemporary events.

Mayita Angarica is from a very prominent family within the Lucumi culture from Havana, Cuba. Her uncle Nicholas Angarica (Oba Tola) was an activist and organizer in Havana and authored the early and definitive Manual del Oriate (c. 1955). Mayita has been living in Philadelphia for 30 years. She is an elder Priestess of Obatala. Her cousin, Papo Angarica (son of Nicholas), recorded one of the first definitive albums Lucumi bata music. Mayita Agarica is one of the true authentic voices of Orisha and Rumba Guaguanco in the United States. She will perform with Baba Rumba, members of Sonic Liberation 8 who are longtime practitioners of this culture.

Hubbard & Son, Video Artists - John Hubbard is an insightful image-maker sculptor painter, & photographer. His impressionist videos embody a simple sense of calm and give reason and depth to a contemplative life. These works achieve their richness through the contradiction of layered subtraction and grow in meaning over time. John has exhibited at Rodger LaPelle Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, Julie Artisan's Gallery, New York, NY, Kenmore Galleries, Philadelphia, PA, Princeton Arts Council, Princeton, NJ, among others.
Jamie Hubbard is founding partner of NYC based Cause & [Effect] TV. The TV production house, Cause & [Effect], is a collection of highly talented storytellers, artists, and thinkers. Jamie grew up in Philly's Germantown, across the street from the Sun Ra house.

Venice Island
1 Rector St
Philadelphia, PA 19127

The new park includes state-of-the-art water features that demonstrate water retention in an urban environment, recreational facilities for basketball and outdoor performances, space for a dock, outdoor sculptures, a theater with 250 seats, and a parking lot with over 200 parking spaces. The site is accessed from both Cotton and Lock Streets.



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