June 14th
*note: this event was previously scheduled for June 16th*

Pierluigi Billone: 1+1=1
Samuel Dunscombe, bass clarinet
Curt Miller, bass clarinet

@ Biello Martin Studios
148 North 3rd Street
$15 general admission; $12 in advance

Bowerbird is pleased to present the Philadelphia premiere of Pierluigi Billone's 1+1=1, an 80 minute exploration into the boundless terrain of two bass clarinets performed by the California based duo of Samuel Dunscombe and Curt Miller. A student of Salvatore Sciarrino and Helmut Lachenmann, Billone's music can sound elemental and primordial, yet at the same time achingly human. In "1+1=1", a deliberate pacing and frequent pianissimo dynamic makes for an inward inquiry into the character of the bass clarinet while the doubling of the instrument allows for an pulsating resonance of microtonal shifts.

"One drop plus another drop makes one larger drop, not two."

This is how the "nutcase" Domenico in Andrei Tarkowsky's film "Nostalghia" explains the inscription 1+1=1 on the wall of his house, pouring two drops of oil into his hand.

Every musical instrument achieves perfection by augmenting its characteristics with an entire legacy of physical perceptions and abilities that came about through dealing with the material, the sonic conception and the culture of playing and listening that spawned it.

The first physical contact with the instrument is therefore already preconditioned, but remains open. Although the primary characteristics of the instrument remain unchanged, the act of playing is in fact like a sensitive organism. Gradually the instrument also begins to exist in another manner, it is examined from new perspectives, and a stream of experience ensues that transforms its possibilities, even creating new dimensions (sound, rhythm, body etc.). The variations that become part of instrumental technique through each individual discovery are traces (some clearer than others) of the human and cultural experiences that produced them, and they "vibrate" in the act of listening as particularity, identity and origin; they are active sonic layers, living matter with an intelligence of its own.

- Pierluigi Billone

Samuel Dunscombe is a musician and sound artist specialising in the use of clarinets, computers, and microphones. A founding member of the ensemble Golden Fur, an avid free improvisor and devotee of all things experimental, Samuel's collaborators (past and present) include Seijiro Murayama, Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana Maria Avram, Toshimaru Nakamura, Pierluigi Billone, Richard Barrett, Anthony Pateras, Chikako Morishita, Christophe Charles, Dennis Cooper, and The Necks. Samuel has given world or Australian premiers of works by Ana Maria Avram, Chikako Morishita, Olga Neuwirth, James Rushford, Pierluigi Billone, Klaus Lang, and countless others. He has a special interest in extended techniques, compiling an extensive personal lexicon of sounds over the past 10 years.

Curt Miller is a San Diego based clarinetist and sound artist specializing in the performance of contemporary chamber music. His own works currently focus on the role of recording technology on transcription and translation of performances from the machine to the spiritual. As a clarinetist Curt has worked internationally as soloist and member of ensembles such as Nashville’s Intersection Contemporary Music Ensemble, Monday Evening Concerts in Los Angeles, the Harvard Fromm Players series and the Lucerne Festival Academy under Pierre Boulez and is a founding member of ensemble et cetera. He has premiered dozens of new compositions and worked with composers such as Pierluigi Billone, Chaya Czernowin, Helmut Lachenmann and Rebecca Saunders in addition to championing the work of many young composers through commissions and premieres.

Born in 1960, Pierluigi Billone is an Italian composer currently residing in Vienna. Having achieved a reputation as one of the world’s leading composers, Billone's music has been performed by relevant interpreters in festivals such as Wien Modern, Festival d'Automne Paris, Donaueschinger Musiktagen, Wittener Tagen fur neue Kammermusik, Eclat-Stuttgart, Ultraschall-Berlin, Musica Viva Munchen, TFNM Zurich, Ars Musica Bruxelles, Huddersfield NMF, World Music Days Wroclaw, Biennale Zagreb, Boston, New York, Monday Ev. Concerts Los Angeles and Bendigo Festival Sidney. His primary teachers have been Salvatore Sciarrino and Helmut Lachenmann.

The Biello Martin Studio is the creative sanctuary and gallery of interdisciplinary artist Michael Biello and composer/musician Dan Martin. Biello creates operatic neo-classic crystal chandeliers, sensually-cascading metallic beads of light, and whimsical clay light sculptures. Martin is an award-winning composer and music producer and, with Biello, has created critically acclaimed musical theatre and performance pieces.


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