Hello. We are Bowerbird.

About Bowerbird.

Bowerbird is a Philadelphia based non-profit organization that shares music, dance, film, and related art forms with audiences at locations across the region. We love presenting interesting, beautiful, and unconventional music in beautiful, and unconventional music spaces.

Our mission is to expand public understanding of Experimental music, moving away from simplistic tropes such as “cutting edge” or “contemporary,” and instead striving to engage with experimentalism as a timeless and recurrent artistic practice.

Bowerbird was founded in 2006 and has presented over 600 events at venues across the city. During this time Bowerbird has presented several large multi event festivals dedicated to single composers. These have included Morton Feldman (2010), John Cage (2012), and most recently Julius Eastman – 2017 in Philadelphia and 2018 in New York City.

Marilyn Nonken performs at Rodeph Shalom. 2011. Photo by Sebastian Collett