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Cage’s Music of Changes
performed by Joseph Kubera

Thursday - 8:00pm (ET)
November 1, 2012

Trinity Center for Urban Life
2212 Spruce St Philadelphia PA 19103
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Composed in 1951, Music of Changes was Cages first instrumental composition entirely derived from chance procedures. Cage applied a book of the I Ching, a recent gift from a young Christian Wolff, to various parameters in the music: tempi, dynamics, sounds and silences, durations and superimpositions. The resulting music is one of pointed extremes and dense counterpoint. The piano is played, not only by using the keys, but also by plucking the strings with finger nails, playing cymbal beaters on the strings, and even slamming the keyboard lid. First premiered by David Tudor, a generation later, pianist Joseph Kubera provides an unyielding and complete interpretation of this complex and virtuosic work.


Part of the Cage: Beyond Silence festival.

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