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FREE EVENT – Morton Feldman’s “For Philip Guston”

Sunday - 3:00pm (ET)
April 26, 2015

The Rotunda
4014 Walnut St Philadelphia PA 19104
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Bowerbird is excited to welcome back NYC based ensemble Either / OR to perform “For Philip Guston”, Morton Feldman’s late period masterpiece for piano/celesta, flute, and percussion. Upon hearing this expansive 4+ hour work, noted music critic Alex Ross wrote, “What makes “Guston” fundamentally and wondrously beautiful is its harmony. Feldman’s whole career was a search for ways to string together lovely chords, and “Guston” contains some of his most lustrous inventions. He is careful to parcel them out economically, so that they arrive as gratifying shocks after stretches of more neutral sound.These islands of beauty are like suggestions of figuration at the center of an abstract painting.” This performance will take place in the Rotunda’s magnificent domed sanctuary space.

Audiences are welcome to come and go as they please – but the work is best experience in its full duration. There will be pews and chairs available for seating, but audiences are encouraged to bring their own blankets and pillows to sit and lay on. Feldman is exceptional for that liminal space between sleep and awake.

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