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Sunday - 8:00am (ET)
June 15, 2008

University City Arts League
4226 Spruce St Philadelphia PA 19104
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BONNIE JONES circuit bending
Vancover – NYC – Baltimore

Gregory Reynolds is a musician whose drive to investigate and explore the dynamics of modern sound making has shaped his unique identity as a performer, composer, listener, and thinker. At the root of his practice is an attempt to present a personal vocabulary of sound events and spaces that challenge and re-orient the listener by emphasizing a relationship to acoustic phenomena outside the usual context of ‘historical’ listening particular to well worn tropes and styles. He endeavors to facilitate an experience of heightened sensitivity and awareness of physical, architectural, and spiritual qualities by leaving room to engage each listener in a unique dialogue. His unlikely main vehicle in these pursuits has been the alto saxophone, on which for many years he has been developing a variety of acoustic extended techniques drawing from such influences as water, white noise, cd skips, and the complex drones of industrial and domestic machinery. Currently he is working on a variety of different projects, many which find him working with new musicians, dancers, environments, and sound making devices.

Bonnie Jones works with sound, text and performance. Born in 1977 in South Korea she was raised by dairy farmers in New Jersey, and currently resides in Baltimore, MD. In sound performances Bonnie plays the circuit boards of digital delay pedals. Her primary sound collaborators are Joe Foster in Korea (as the duet “English”) and Andy Hayleck. She is also a member of the Performance Thanatology Research Society, a inter-discipinary performance group dedicated to the advancement of a higher histrionics brought on by imminent finalities. Bonnie has performed at the Kim Dae Hwan Museum, the Ontological-Hysteric Theater, the ErstQuake Festival, and the 14 Karat Cabaret.

Vancouver-based percussionist Jeffrey Allport approaches the physical nature of his chosen instrument through a variety of preparations and implements to liberate a unique palette of sounds. Respecting each
carefully extracted tone, thump and scrape in addition to the silence from which they are borne, his exploratory improvisations inhabit minute sound worlds, eschewing the grand gesture. In addition to solo work, Allport has enjoyed a lengthy collaboration with Tim Olive, releasing three CDís since 1998. They have also toured in Canada, the US, Western Europe and Japan. Summer 2007 saw the LP release of his duo with Tetuzi Akiyama, recorded during a small tour of the Northwest in the summer of 2006. Frequently participating in once-only groupings has led him to performing and recording with a wide variety of improvisers from around the world including Annette Krebs, Nate Wooley, Gust Burns, Andrea Neumann, and Keith Rowe.

Richard Kamerman amplified laptop circuits
Reed Evan Rosenber programming
New York City

Richard Kamerman is a composer, sound designer, and improvisational musician from NYC. Although,
essentially a percussionist, he rarely performs behind a drum kit, preferring to explore the percussive
behaviors of repurposed electronics (often a system of found mechanical parts – fans, motors, etc – in this
context, a computer). His music has been released internationally and his compositions performed by
members of the SEM Ensemble and New York Soundpainting Orchestra.

Richard Kamerman amplified laptop circuits
Reed Evan Rosenber programming
New York City

Reed Evan Rosenberg is a Brooklyn based musician and programmer. In both improvised and not improvised performances he often utilizes programs that he creates in the Max/MSP environment in combination with contact microphones and electronics. He creates grinding Mego-inspired digital noise under the alias Wet Fur. Reed curates shows at the Baghdad space in Brooklyn and co-runs the rar label.

As severe and jarring as it is tense and brooding, Tandem Electrics is an improvised experiment in bridging the gap between Noise and the nebulous area of music called EAI. Rough electronic splatter, complex drones, and the ugly sound of modern technology that we aren’t supposed to hear.

TIM ALBRO guitar / electronics
Philadelphia, PA

Born in Worcester, MA in 1980, currently based in Philadelphia, Tim Albro received a BA in English at Wesleyan University. Since arriving in Philadelphia from Wesleyan, he has done ethnographic work on gospel music in West Philly, composed music for a dance ensemble, as well as participate in the vibrant improvised/creative music community growing in Philadelphia. This work as an improvising/creative musician includes performing on the 12-string electric guitar /w electronics, on the prepared guitar/electronics/radio in the duo HZL, and solo work with home built radio transmitter kits. Current research interests include: Sun Ra, Paolo Frere, and Elizabeth Cotten.

Philadelphia, PA

Brass, and the sounds of. Imagine it. Regal and triumphant.  A trumpet and a trombone.  Now forget it. You won’t hear any of that from this duo.

Dan Blacksberg is a trombonist who is working to expand the range of the trombone in jazz and improvised music. A native and resident of Philadelphia, he has been seen all around town with such local musicians as Jack Wright, Toshi Makihara, Sonic Liberation Front and with Bobby Zankel’s Warriors of the Wonderful Sound. He has appeared in concerts produced by Bowerbird and the Ars Nova Workshop. In addition, Dan has performed with Anthony Braxton (the premiere of Composition 19 for 100 tubas), Taylor Ho Bynum, Joe Morris, Mike Pride, Nate Wooley, Katt Hernandez, Daniel Levin and Joe Maneri in many venues in New York and Boston.


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