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Friday - 8:00am (ET)
September 19, 2008

The Rotunda
4014 Walnut St Philadelphia PA 19104
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Films and live performances by Atsushi Yamamoto, Christian Schneider, Delgado Fuchs, Hammes, Zende, Helena Gough, Pe Lang, Richard Garet, and Zimoun

co-presented with GATE

Join us for an evening of experimental video and sound performances featuring a survey of work from of European, Asian, and American artists of the Leerraum [ ] network.

In a world clamoring with sounds, we are often bombarded by their calamity and attempt to shut them out. But when we are able to focus we can easily hear the sensual qualities found in their detail.  When this focus is aided by the experience of an artist, we are often able to see mundane things with new perspective.

Leerraum [ ] is an international network, platform and label of artists engaged in studying space, form and structure through a reductionist approach and careful yet radical handling of materials. Up to now, Leerraum [ ] has published some 50 CDs, DVDs and obscure objects, and presented more than 30 sound installations by its artists. At this point, Leerraum [ ] consists of 45 artists of 15 different nationalities, spread across 4 continents and 25 cities. Leerraum [ ] was founded 2003 by the artist Zimoun and the graphic designer Marc Beekhuis.


In September 2008, Leerraum [ ] will be presented for the first time in the United States, featured as Leerraum [ ] Nights in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. The presentations will feature works of 13 artists as live performances or video screenings. Simultaneously, the Gosia Koszielak Gallery in Chicago will be presenting a sound installation from the series «Untitled Sound Objects» by Pe Lang and Zimoun.

The Philadelphia program will include:

Atsushi Yamamoto (Tokyo, video)
Christian Schneider (Bern, video)
Delgado Fuchs (Bern/Lausanne/Brussels, video)
Hammes + Zende (Berlin, video)
Helena Gough + Zimoun (Berlin/Bern, performed by Zimoun)
Pe Lang (Berlin, live)
Pe Lang, Richard Garet + Zimoun (Berlin/New York/Bern, live)
Richard Garet (New York, live)

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