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“Tatiana Bertinova” and “Tom Leonardson”
violin and synthesizer duo

Friday - 8:00pm (ET)
October 4, 2024

University Lutheran
3637 Chestnut Street Philadelphia PA 19104
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$15 – $25

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Bowerbird is pleased to present violin and synthesizer duo  “Tatiana Bertinova” and “Tom Leonardson”.

“Tatiana” and “Tom” have been collaborating since 2002. The special feature of the duo is the alchemy created by the meeting of the classical and the electronic instrument. The different nature of sound, the characteristics and histories of violin and analogue synthesizer could recall a friction. Actually, what happens is a sort of mirror game, in which the roles of the instruments are continuously exchanged. “Bertinova” and “Leonardson” move in an abstract territory, their approach to sound is contemporary. Nevertheless their consideration to music is quite classical insofar as based principally on tension/release, rupture, intensity and expressivity in all its facets.



“Tom” is a pianist, analogue synthesizer player and a composer-performer of contemporary music. He has been one of the most innovative and successful musical personalities in the field of electroacoustic music in the practices of improvisation and composition for years. He was trained as a sound engineer and pianist at the music academies in Detmold and Cologne from 1979 to 1987.

Rooted in the experiences as an pianist, he has been developing his unique live electronic music since the early 1990s, focusing on the use of analog synthesizer systems, which allow direct access to the elements of electronic sound synthesis.

As a synthesizer interpreter – live and on CD studio productions – he has realized works by Éliane Radigue, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, Bogusław Schaeffer and Zbigniew Karkowski, among others. He was soloist in the world premiere of Peter Jakober’s dort with Klangforum Wien at musikprotokoll festival and in the CD recording of Christopher Fox’s Topophony with the WDR Symphony Orchestra.

“Tatiana” graduated with a Master in Violin at Siena Conservatory and a Master in Painting at the Fine Arts’ Academy in Carrara. Completed by Studies in Art history, and specialization masterclasses for chamber music and music didactics.
After being playing in orchestras and chamber music ensembles, she focused on contemporary music, written and improvised.

Her work is developing from interpretation ad improvisation towards composition and collaboration with artists of other medias. At the same time her interest is focused on the crossing and synthesis between visual elements and music/sound.
She has been performing in many international festivals and contexts and has been part of numerous dance, theatre, video and multi-media projects, contributing the musical part of them.

Her solo work includes composition, performance and installation.

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