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Sunday - 8:00am (ET)
September 28, 2008

Gershman Y, Borowsky Gallery
401 S Broad St Philadelphia PA 19147
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Music at the intersection of sound, language, and yes, even bodily functions. Performances and perspectives by Bernhard Gal  (Austria), id m theft (Maine, USA) and Steve Parker (Philadelphia, USA).

Even in an age of massive technological advances, the power of spoken word remains an unparalleled means of communication. In the years of presidential elections, the rhetoric and speeches become an even more important part of the public conciseness. But how important are the words to their context and how fast can they loose their meaning? And how easily can they be given a new meaning? Or have no meaning at all and become just sounds? And when can sounds have more meaning than words?

This evening, Bowerbird features three very different artists whose work deals with the relationship between human sound production, speech and spoken word, and the way in which we as listeners are able to apply meaning to what we hear. This event will include a performance/lecture by Austrian sound artist and composer Bernhard Gal, a selection of compositions for trombone and prerecorded voice performed by Philadelphia based Steve Parker, and id m theft able ís (Maine, USA) raw and visceral experimentations in ëmouth noiseí.


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