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Saturday - 8:00pm (ET)
December 8, 2007

Bonnie Jones – digital delay pedal, microphones

Joe Foster – trumpet, digital delay pedal, eletronics

baltimore / seoul

Joe Foster came to Seoul in 2002 from Portland, Oregon, where he had been playing for a million years with JP Jenkins, Bryan Eubanks, Peevish, Super Unity and everybody else in that bubbling musical underbelly. In Seoul he has played and recorded with Choi Sun-Bae, Alfred 23 Harth, Choi Joonyong, Hong Chulki, sOo-jung kAe, and Bonnie Jones, as well as visiting players. Like Bonnie, Joe has a background in writing. Joe’s played in Portland, Olympia, Seattle, Astoria, Ukiah, San Francisco, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Pacific Grove, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Diego, Spokane, Boise, Boulder, Minneapolis, Ann Arbor, Boston, New York City, Seoul, Tokyo, Wellington, and Aukland, with and against people from those fucking places and others. He has put out music on rasbliutto, urantia, jyrk, balloon and needle, O Back CD, and 1000CD. Joe toured the west coast last year with Bryan Eubanks and Leif Sundstrom, as well as some Super Unity and Ferret/Javelina/Ewe Trio dates. He owes his music to others; there is so much work to be done; he plans to continue playing until death.


Bonnie Jones was born in South Korea in 1977 and works with text, performance and sound. A recent trip to Korea introduced her to expat Joe Foster and the Korean experimental music scene including the duo Astronoise. She has performed with many wonderful musicians and is a frequent collaborator with Andy Hayleck in Baltimore, MD.


JACOB WICK trumpet
new york city

Drummer Andrew Greenwald, born October 14, 1980, was raised in Queens, New York by a music-loving family. He was reared on a steady diet of traditional Jewish music he heard on his grandparents‚ record player and his frequent attendance of synagogue, and an equal portion of classic rock fed to him by his father. He has performed with many of New York’s finest musicians, including: Mark Helias, Mike Bisio, Reuben Radding, Ben Allison, Jon Herbert, Johannes Weidemuller, Oscar Noriega, Dave Douglas, and Joe Maneri, and has recorded several albums as a sideman. Andrew has received critical acclaim from Downbeat magazine and Earshot Jazz magazine. He received honors during his residency at the Banff Center for the Arts in 2002, and graduated Cum Laude from NYU in 2003. An active performer in both the improvised and contemporary music fields, Andrew has developed an aspiration to synthesize the drumset’s innate rhythmic properties with his yearning to unearth sounds not yet heard. A sampling of recent activities include performances at SoundBubbles; Vancouver Jazz Festival; artist-in-residence at The Front (Vancouver, B.C.); U.S. tour with The Friendly Bears; premiere of Rama Gottfried’s “e80i for Sol Lewitt ”; lectures at Banff Centre of the Arts and Manhattan School of Music.

Reuben Radding, contrabass, came to New York City in 1988 where he studied with with virtuoso bassist Mark Dresser and quickly became a stalwart of the "Downtown" scene, performing with many of the most prominent new jazz musicians of the time, including John Zorn, Elliott Sharp, Anthony Coleman, Andrea Parkins, Dave Douglas, and Marc Ribot, with whom he toured Europe and Canada in 1995. His own recent projects have included the Reuben Radding Trio with vibraphonist Matt Moran, and clarinetist Oscar Noriega, and Fugitive Pieces, an improvising quartet featuring Nate Wooley, Andrew Drury, and Matt Bauder. Radding and Wooley are also members of the group Transit whose CD was released in 2005 by Portugal’s Clean Feed label. Frequent collaborators include pianist Ursel Schlicht (einstein’s dreams, Konnex, 2005), saxophonist Jack Wright (This Is Not An Exit, CD- R, Sachimay Interventions, 2006), Texan trombonist Brian Allen (TromboneContrabass, Braintone, 2005), and an improvised chamber trio with Bay-Area violist Tara Flandreau and North Carolina oboeist Carrie Shull (The Branch Will Not Break, Umbrella Recordings, 2005). He is also a member of the Denman Maroney Quintet, Matt Bauder’s Paper Gardens, MAP (with Mary Halvorson and Tatsuya Nakatani), and has performed or recorded with Wally Shoup, Wade Matthews, Robert Dick, John Hollenbeck, Lukas Ligeti, Jane Rigler, Saadet Turkoz, Carlo Actis Dato, Steve Beresford, Wolfgang Fuchs, John Oswald, Dylan VanDerSchyff, Stuart Dempster, Ned Rothenberg, Eyvind Kang, Billy Martin, Scott Rosenberg, Butch Morris, Carlos Bechegas, and Leandro Barzabal.

Born and raised in Chicago, 22-year-old trumpet player and composer Jacob Wick is making his presence known in the international jazz and creative music scene. He has studied with Jon Faddis, Dave Douglas, Rudresh Mahanthappa, Vijay Iyer, and Misha Mengelberg, and has performed with Han Bennink, Gerald Cleaver, members of the Count Basie Orchestra rhythm section, and Mark Turner, among others. In 2005, his band THROE was invited to play at the FONT festival of New Trumpet Music, curated by Dave Douglas; and in 2006, a project he is part of with two Irish musicians called White Rocket toured Ireland to rave review. Recent performances include the Living Music Festival (Dublin), Eurojazz Mexico (Mexico City), Zebulon (Brooklyn), the Center for Improvisational Music (Brooklyn) and the elastiCity Festival (Brooklyn). Jacob is also currently exploring the realm of sound art; recently his sound sculptures and sound installations have been shown at the DANK Museum (Chicago), Issue Project Room (Brooklyn), and Purchase College (NY). Jacob is currently on the staff of the Dance Conservatory at Purchase College, SUNY, where he works with Bessie-award-winning choreographer Neil Greenberg. He currently resides in Astoria, New York.

Stanley Schumacher (trombone and voice)
Rosi Hertlein (violin and voice)
Evan Lipson (string bass)
Professor Musikmacher (oral arts)

Music Now Ensemble: This ensemble is a collective of improvisers and composers of exceptional musicianship and imagination. The members of the collective perform in various combinations of players in order to offer a kaleidoscope of instrumentations consistent with the philosophy of free improvisation. Stanley Schumacher founded the ensemble in 2003 to present performances in both acoustical and electroacoustical formats and to promote the diversity and spontaneity of contemporary art music.

Stanley Schumacher: A multi-faceted musical background informs the improvisations of trombonist and vocalist Stanley Schumacher. Stanley has performed with contemporary art music ensembles, Dixieland jazz bands, concert bands, swing bands, orchestras, and blues and rock bands. In addition, he composes contemporary art music. Most of his compositions are for small ensembles and combine pre-planned, aleatory, and improvised elements. A number of his works employ narrative texts, which often exhibit a humorous theatrical element. This theatrical element may also be seen in his colorful improvised vocalizations. Stanley’s varied experience as a performer, his strong background in jazz, and his training and experience as a composer converge to produce a unique and disciplined performance. He regards free improvisation as instant composition and brings form and order to the unfolding piece.

Rosi Hertlein: Violinist and vocalist Rosi Hertlein’s musical background is divided equally between the worlds of improvised and composed contemporary classical music. She has collaborated with Kristen Norderval, Monique Buzzarte, Warren Smith, David Arner, and Newman T. Baker. She has recorded with Joe McPhee, Ivo Perlman, and Joe Giardullo, and she records and performs with composer Pauline Olivero’s New Circle Five. In June 2002 she premiered Cecil Taylor’s “With Blazing Eyes and OpenMouth with the Sound Vision Orchestra” with Mr. Taylor on piano. She also performs with her band “The Improvising Chamber Ensemble (ICE) and with Stanley Schumacher and the Music Now Ensemble.

Evan Lipson: Bassist Evan Lipson draws on his varied experience as a performer to create imaginative free improvisation. Evan has performed in a variety of alternative ensembles. His improvisation credentials include participation in the NoNet Festival and performing with Stuart Dempster, Andy Hayleck, Rosi Hertlein, Matthias Kaul, Lukas Ligeti, Toshi Makihara, Pauline Oliveros, Stanley Schumacher, Todd Whitman, Nate Wooley, Jack Wright, and many others. Evan has received both the American Composers Forum SUBITO grant and Meet the Composer’s Creative Connections grant. He studied string bass with Michael Formanek and Robert Kesselman and attended Peabody Conservatory and Temple University.

Professor Musikmacher: A long-time associate of the State Mental Hospital in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Professor Musikmacher performs exclusively with Stanley Schumacher and the Music Now Ensemble, which provides a platform for his instructive lectures. He was educated in Berlin at the Moravian Academy and at the St. Ursula School for Delinquent Girls where he completed his theoretical studies. A man of catholic interests, Professor Musikmacher is well known for his essay Oral Arts and the Negative Space Continuum. Included in the venerable Journal of Oral Arts, this essay explores the metaphysical relationship of sound and reality. His recent book, Altered States: A Comprehensive Investigation of Reality, published by Didactic Press has received high critical acclaim.

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